400G: 性能测试

  1. 400G: 通信测试的未来
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The exploding growth of high-speed and high-availability services, including 5G, and a multitude of devices constantly connected to the Internet, has prompted Telcos, MSOs, Datacenters and the communication industry in general, to move to the next stage in aggregation, switching and transport technologies to keep up with the demand. Currently that is 400GE.

As PAM4-based 400GE QSFP-DD technology goes into full commercial deployment, testing and verification needs change and move from the pure R&D labs, SVT, manufacturing, FAEs supporting demonstrations and field evaluations to field deployment. Not all 400G test and measurement applications are the same. From Field link verification and troubleshooting, CO, Datacenter, Manufacturing, to R&D environments, VeEX has the right tools to pinpoint your specific testing requirements and environmental needs. Whether it is a portable do-it-all handheld for the field, high mobility and availability in large datacenters, high port density rack-mount environment, or automation, VeEX solutions offers the right products and features to address applications from R&D to manufacturing, from Core to Field.



  • 便携性 - 业内首款手持式400GE测试仪, 包含原生PAM4 QSFP-DD接口。支持从实验室到现场的转换,包含光模块验证,产品基准测试以及链路调试和故障排除。
  • 可扩展性 - 多端口数量,生产,自动测试的机架式应用
  • 灵活性 - 400G, 100GE, 100GE, 50GE, 40GE, 25GE, FlexE, OTUCn, OTU4, OTU3, STL256.4等等
  • 技术先进性 - 模块化测试平台满足当前和未来的接口、速率和技术
  • 支持CFP8, CFP4, CFP2, CFP, QSFP28, QSFP+, SFP56/28/+接口
  • 同样支持CPRI 10, 25G eCPRI, 和32G FC光纤通道, 以及低速率的以太网, OTN, 以及传统的SDH/SONET PDH/DSn
  • 高级光模块测试功能

RXT-6400 400G Handheld

  • 业内首款便携式400G测试方案
  • 原生PAM4 QSFP-DD接口(无需接口转换适配器)
  • NEMs产品质量认证和FAE现场测试和评估展示的理想工具
  • 移动便携式方便数据中心使用
  • RXT模块化测试平台支持10M到400G, 光测试, C/DWDM测试

MPM-400G Rackmount

  • 400G以太网测试,符合IEEE 802.3bs标准
  • 高级KP4 FEC压力测试和分析
  • 物理层, PCS/FEC, 和以太网层验证分析
  • CFP8端口
  • IC, 光模块, 以及电路等级测试
  • 互操作型和产品验证
  • 系统级集成
  • 多端口业务仿真和分析
  • 汇聚和负载压力测试

介绍RXT-6400 400G便携式测试仪| WATCH VIDEO >

NEM测试挑战 - 下一代以太网/分组&光传送网 | WATCH Webinar >


As cable operators deploy fiber deeper into their networks and use it to serve a growing number of applications, fiber-optic testing obviously becomes more important. Unfortunately, it also becomes more complex. Fiber types might change, connectors might change and the nature of the optical transmission might change (both in the type of transmission as well as in the number and location of wavelengths). Meanwhile, the crews assigned to install and troubleshoot new fiberoptic connections might not change – they may be the same technicians who have been working with coax for most of their careers.

Therefore, cable deployment crews need test equipment that is easy to operate even if the user has had little exposure to optical networking. This special report explores the challenges, trends and future of optical testing.


Optical communications technologies are becoming increasingly complex. That means testing fiber-optic networks must become simpler and more efficient to meet operator needs.

The articles in this Editorial Guide highlight the challenges network operators and technicians face and what strategies and technologies can help them keep pace.